Our Approach

Miscege-Nation is the official premier interracial matchmaking firm specializing in helping our clients find their forever love.  Leveraging her national and international executive recruiting experience, our founder Rachel Robinson uses state of the art recruitment practices to facilitate one of the most essential components of the dating process: meeting eligible candidates!


Fueled by her passion and enthusiasm in assisting clients in finding their forever love, Rachel caters her services to an ethnically diverse, educated, successful network of professional singles who are seeking the personal touch of matchmaker. At Miscege-Nation, we provide exclusive and effective services to assist you in finding the one.


Our Story

Rachel Robinson “The Original Swirl Matchmaker” set out to find the man of her

dreams and documented every step of her journey on the popular web series 50

Days of Dating. Avid viewers eagerly anticipated every episode, cheering Rachel

on in her quest to meet her true love. Each week, Rachel received a number of

emails, Facebook messages and posts from fans ranging from requesting dating

advice to asking for behind-the- scenes details on suitors and dates, and

testimonials sharing how watching her journey was literally changing their lives.

After recording three seasons of 50 Days of Dating, Rachel become engaged and

married her forever love.

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Our Swirl Services


Miscege-Nation offers a very selective and discerning matchmaking service for marriage-minded men and women interested in pursuing an interracial relationship. Our exclusive services are discrete and private. We limit the number of clients we work with at a time to ensure our clients are receiving the attention required for a successful outcome. One of the many benefits of our Matchmaking service is that all our clients are pre-screened and open to an interracial relationship. There’s no need to wonder or worry if your potential partner desires an interracial relationship. Miscege-Nation has eliminated the guessing game!


Rachel works with each client individually, taking a hands-on approach in selecting matches for you based on the specific qualities you are looking for.


She has a genuine interest in finding you the perfect match. After receiving your completed application, you will be contacted to determine if personalized matchmaking is right for you.


We offer two custom-designed options: private one-on-one sessions or group coaching. Our exclusive, one-on-one coaching is individually tailored to each client. Our group coaching program provides services to small, limited numbers of individuals.


Whether you are new to the interracial dating scene or keep attracting the wrong type, we will develop a comprehensive, yet “do-able” strategy to launch your dating game to the next level. Coaching programs include webinars, private group sessions and challenges catered specifically to your personal dating and relationship needs. Our focus is you, our client. Via offering special workshops and classes, as well as private, one-one-one sessions (and in-person sessions if need be) our custom services will build your confidence and help you gain control of your dating life.

ghost dating

We make online dating fun! Ghost Dating was designed to help busy men and women manage their online dating profiles using some of the same successful techniques Rachel used throughout 50 Days of Dating. Miscege-Nation offers a range of packages personalized to suit your needs. We take the work out of online dating while making it an enjoyable experience for you!

exclusive network

Miscege-Nation represents an ethnically diverse group of affluent, marriage minded male clients. We are always searching for beautiful, smart, professional, quality women to introduce to our male clients women like you who are dating with purpose. To join this Exclusive Network you must complete the application process. If your application is approved you will be charged a onetime annual membership fee to join. Your membership expires 1 year after your application is accepted. Note: Being a member of the Exclusive Network does not guarantee that you will

be matched with suitors.

Rave Reviews

Being a single guy in a metropolitan area one would thing that meeting women would be easy but that is not the case. I have definitely benefited from one-on-one coaching sessions with Rachel. I am more confident in approaching women when I’m out. And the response I have received from women using Rachel’s techniques has been positive.

OT, Texas

Watching Rachel's journey to finding her forever love while being transparent and vulnerable hit home with me because her road wasn't that of a scripted reality show, it was her following through on dating with her purpose in mind of marriage being the end goal in the 50 Days of Dating Series. Rachel showed that goals are achieved with determination, persistence, and a great attitude. The one on one coaching as well as the  Swirling Successfully group has helped me utilize my gifts while leveraging my opportunities.

Candace, Florida

I enjoyed watching Rachel’s journey in 50 Days of Dating and I've learned a lot.  Both the one on one, and group coaching has helped me in my dating journey. I enjoy the live chats; the encouragement I've received from the group sessions is great. Love is possible when you date with purpose.

Dalma, Florida

Thank you Rachel for showing those of us who are  Swirling Successfully how to do it with EXCELLENCE. I like to think of myself as a quality woman who deserves a quality man. It has been a long time since I have dated. The process you have demonstrated for us has shown me how I can do it successfully.

Shelia, Georgia

50 Days of Dating was an amazing journey of finding love. The transparency was indescribable. Rachel displayed vulnerability, poise, class, elegance, humor and total fearlessness. Most importantly she was true to herself.  All of these things were done with a beautiful smile and grace. Since joining the Swirling Successfully group I’m challenged to get out of my comfort zone and I have positive guidance and support on my journey.

Kris, Texas

50 Days of Dating was an eye opening experience for many of us black women. Rachel bared her soul with showing us vulnerability, great courage and her fears, while giving us hope. The  Swirling Successfully group is wonderful. I find it to be both encouraging and inspiring. The group provides great support while on the search for our happily ever after.


LeKettra, Illinois

50 Days of Dating was truly riveting, I could not stop watching so that I could gleam the kernels of knowledge on how to date to choose a life partner.  I began watching in the third season and had to play catch up by joyfully binge watching.  Rachel brought to the forefront how to be emotional vulnerable without losing sight of vetting high quality men for compatibility in terms of flexibility to meeting a woman’s emotional needs and the need for financial security and a plethora of character traits to discern.  For example she ended her relationship with one suitor because he was inflexible in traveling to Rachel’s city and wanted her to be in his city almost every weekend, without regard for how disruptive this would be to her life.  A second suitor was clingy in that he could not grasp that Rachel was not always available to answer his phone calls or see him each time he initiated a date.  This taught me to follow my instinct and not to push these types of behaviors under the rug.


The  Swirling Successfully group is a sisterhood to keep us motivated in our journey to find love outside of the confines of the black community.   It affirms that there is no shortage of men, that black women are worthy of love and the only limitations are those we place on ourselves.


Inyeai, Ohio